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Jane’s enquiry:

“I feel like I am not moving forward / making the most of my life – I am hoping coaching will help me make some decisions and feel less stuck / more energised to move forward without just taking on a million projects and feeling overwhelmed (which I have a tendency to do!)”

Jane’s testimonial following our work together:

“As a professional working woman, and mother, I am accustomed to life being a bit of a juggling act! However, in the middle of this year it became obvious to me that the tight rope I was walking on was becoming rather wobbly; increasingly I felt a bit stuck in my life and I really felt the need to reassess my life goals and direction.

I have been coached by Will for the last 3 months and now feel that I have much more clarity and purpose in my life. I have been able to regain a clear focus on my work direction and passion for my work, plus exploring how best to fit this with my passion for my kids and the need for some Jane time!

I immediately felt comfortable with Will’s coaching style, in which he blends a great balance of listening and challenging. Through our sessions Will has been able to clearly ‘play back’ significant themes to me – helping me to explore options and to feel comfortable in key decisions I was making. Will is also business savvy and practical which meant our sessions have been focused and grounded in reality. I would highly recommend Will to anyone looking for a coach.”

Jane, Change & Transformation Director, London

Jane, Change & Transformation Director, London

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