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“To be honest, 6 months ago I was more than a little sceptical about coaching – if you’re totally new to it perhaps you can relate to my mindset. I simply didn’t understand it or even know what it was – I now get it, love it and know when I’m in need of it.

I can’t articulate what it is better than anyone else so instead I’ll try to explain what I get from it.

I’m an entrepreneur and founder of a tech start-up and as such I need to wear many different hats. My focus needs to shift from software engineering to marketing to company development to pitching to HR to funding to you name it. In an ideal world, each task would finish before the next starts – but this is not an ideal world. It’s no wonder that my thoughts become tangled, decisions get postponed and my anxiety rises.

For me coaching helps me to articulate my vision, the decisions I need to make and explore the consequences of those decisions. It’s incredible how effective it is. If I’ve not had a coaching session for a few weeks I slip predictably back into a condition I now know is the ‘cloud of unknowing’. Coaching helps me to zoom out, take stock, look to the future and ultimately make decisions.”

David, Entrepreneur, Bristol

“Will’s calm guidance and structured approach to coaching has given me a distinct advantage in progressing my career. It’s wonderful to know that when I have a tricky problem to work through, Will is always there with a clear, objective perspective to help cut through the noise.

Before starting my sessions with Will I struggled with building and maintaining good habits and often fell into procrastination. Even our occasional coaching sessions have been invaluable in helping me breaking out of negative thought patterns and sticking to my goals. This has helped me be more effective in both my work and personal life. I highly recommend working with Will if you want to maximise your potential!”

Biggles, Entrepreneur, London

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