What people say about working with me


“I can’t recommend Will highly enough. I initially saw him to try and iron out some challenges I was having at work and doubts about the direction of my career, however the methods he used and the way in which the conversations develop immediately highlighted other areas of my life that I realised I also wanted to focus on.

From the very first session I left with a sense of empowerment and focus, as well as specific action points – all of which I immediately and easily actioned as the nature of Wills coaching is to steer you into reaching your own conclusions and goals, rather than suggesting or advising things that you may not be comfortable with or able to do.

I have seen immediate results at work, and am still in awe of how simple it has been to change things that have been causing me problems and worry for over 2 years. He also helped me identify points in my personal life that I hadn’t realised I was so keen to change, and has helped me find realistic ways in which to do so.

I would recommend life coaching to everyone – the clarity of thought you get from each session is honestly quite astounding, and the impact it has had on my life is significant. Go and see him – I promise you will not regret it for a moment!”

Vanessa Flaxman, London


“I picked up some really good tools that will be a huge help in the future. Areas that I feel much more confident in are finances and trust issues. He was also really helpful with guiding my thought process and gave me a lot of clarity with decision making as a result.

I could not recommend Will highly enough. He has helped me through a very difficult period and one of the best things about it was that I felt I had helped myself.

Will has given me a lot of confidence by helping me to realise I have the answers to the things bothering me, I just needed help to find them. He is amazing!

Will is a fantastic coach – calm, collected and thoughtful. His input has provided me with increased confidence in myself and my ability. So much so that I am embarking on a career I have always dreamed of but never thought I could achieve. Thank you!”

Charlotte Fowler, London




“The chance to devote energy to me (with support and guidance/challenges where necessary) was such a new and valuable experience. I feel I really overcame some entrenched beliefs about my relationships and personal development, learning a far more spacious and relaxed attitude.

Will’s ability to create an environment in which I could release sometimes painful and tightly held emotions was invaluable. His carefully chosen input found a way to draw me onwards when my instinct was to withdraw (my natural tendency) and provide a backdrop of security which made this possible.

Will has an ability to intuit my limit, continuing to push me on points when necessary and to back off when I was feeling too raw. In my opinion this sensitivity and compassion would be very difficult to teach, but he has it instinctively.

Though our series of sessions was relatively short, the process genuinely changed my attitude towards certain areas of my life. This facilitated huge positive shifts which I attribute to the work we did together.

Will used his natural sensitivity and evident skills to allow me to access parts of my attitude that I had never suspected. Though the process was at times painful, Will supported me to transform this vulnerability into a strength I had never known that has led me to make huge positive shifts in my life.”

Holly Dawson, London


“I gained clarity of mind and confidence in my decisions. A structure to move forward with. Revelation of my true values.

Will has a genuine interest in helping people move forward to live a life they love.

Will is straightforward, matter of fact and patient and encouraged me look at things again from a different perspective.

Will is awesome – he has been very patient with me when I think I have been a bit of a slow burner!

After six sessions with Will I feel like I have clear direction and confidence to fulfil my true values.”

Imogen North, London