About me

I have worked in the private corporate sector for 15 years, in a fast-paced, high pressure industry, managing large teams and creating business strategy for commercial growth. I bring a wealth of senior management experience to my coaching, both in terms of how to effectively manage inter-personal relationships and also first-hand experience of helping people progress their own careers.

Having reached a point in my own life where I thought “Is this it?” I decided that it wasn’t enough; I wanted more. To achieve more, to feel more, to enjoy more, to feel more alive. Now I help my clients to reach that realisation and then act to change their lives accordingly.

I trained and qualified in Personal Transformation Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching, the leading Life Coaching school in London, accredited by the globally recognised International Coach Federation (ICF).

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About coaching


Coaching consists of a deep and powerful conversation in which your development and goals are the primary objective. It will be unlike any conversation you’ve experienced before. Once we’ve decided together on your objectives, I will ask you powerful questions to facilitate you in understanding and overcoming the challenges and goals you face.

During the process I will be listening carefully not only to what you’re saying, but how you say it. This includes the language you use and the way your physiology changes as you talk. This will signpost me towards making sure we address any issues that sit behind the situation you are looking to progress.

The coaching process often uncovers what are known as limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are things about us which we believe unquestionably to be true, but actually do not serve us, or in some cases work actively against us and our hinder our progress. Almost everybody has them. A major part of my job as your coach is to identify these and help you address them. In effect, to help you get out of your own way. Many clients find that limiting beliefs sit behind all sorts of seemingly unrelated issues they experience in life, and identifying and resolving them can be incredibly powerful.

As well as the process of what I describe as ‘pure coaching’ I will also equip you with various tools to help you live more happily and effectively. This will include – amongst numerous other tools – learning to manage your energy and replacing bad habits with good ones.

Whilst personal exploration of all of the above is a vital part of the process, my coaching is about what you then go and do with your new skills and understanding. Why change yourself if you don’t then go and change the world?